Mike and Charlene Sohriakoff, President and Vice President

Mike and Charlene Sohriakoff, President and Vice President

Hawaii Affordable Properties, Inc. manages 2,612 apartments and 94,000 square feet of commercial space in 33 projects statewide.

We have over 27 years of experience in administering complex rental assistance programs including:

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Programs
  • HUD Section 202 and Section 8 Programs,
  • HUDProject Rental Assistants Contract
  • Home Investment Partnerships Program
  • USDA Rural Development 515 Program
  • Federal and State Low Rent Public Housing Programs
  • Various State, County and City Rental Assistance Programs


  • Real Estate Brokers License
  • HUD Certified
  • Tax Credit Certified
  • Rural Development Certified

We take care of the homes that people love to come home to.

We are responsible for the maintenance and care of buildings, whose approximate total value is over $300 million. In addition, we have been entrusted by the owners to create a safe and clean living environment for a tenant population of approximately 10,000 people.

Our administrative staff have extensive experience in dealing with all of the rental assistance programs. We consistently send our office staff personnel as well as project personnel to training classes to keep up to date on the various programs. The project staff as well as the owners of the project can call us anytime regarding clarification or the administration of program rules. We support, train, and supervise project staff so that each rental applicant is processed correctly. We currently have 135 employees.

Hawaii Affordable Properties, Inc. also manages low income housing tax credit programs. We have been involved in this program for the past 12 years and have invested time and money learning the complex rules and regulations of the program. We send our tax credit staff to annual
workshops, and our company subscribes to Spectrum (Professional Tax Credit Consulting Service). We currently manage eight tax credit projects in the State of Hawaii.

Our Team

Corporate Executives

Mike Sohriakoff, President Charlene Sohriakoff, Vice President
Mike Sohriakoff, President Charlene  Sohriakoff, Vice President

Board of Directors

Chad Sohriakoff, Director of the Board Mike Sohriakoff, Jr., Director of the Board Kip Sohriakoff, Director of the Board
Chad Sohriakoff Mike Sohriakoff, Jr. Kip Sohriakoff

Management Team

Oahu Team
Kauai Team
HAPI Oahu Team
Venus Katano, Stuart Igarta, Jean Goodhind Kathy McCarty, Lee Yasutake, Delores Ma
Big Island Team
Paul Sopoaga HAPI Alvin Oka HAPI Mark Sayers HAPI
Paul Sopoaga Alvin Oka Mark Sayers